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XL Digital Imaging, LLC Supports Environmentally Responsible Business Practices through Partnership with Banner Theory

xlDigitalNews_EnvironmentallyResponsibleBusinessPracticesDALLAS, December 3, 2015 – XL Digital Imaging, LLC, a Dallas-based provider of grand format printing for advertising agencies, sports teams, wholesalers and trade shows, supports eco-friendly business efforts by donating discarded vinyl material to local recycle and repurposing manufacturer Banner Theory.

XL Digital Imaging, LLC has lead the digital printing industry in both grand and large formats for over a decade producing high-performance products such as building wraps and billboards. The company’s discarded vinyl material is donated directly to Banner Theory where the unsustainable material is then repurposed into useful and durable products such as custom bags.

“XL Digital is committed to delivering environmentally friendly business practices and solutions,” said Raj Persad, President at XL Digital Imaging, LLC. “Since 2012, we have increased our green initiative by using eco-friendly materials and inks while reducing PVCs and VOCs. Daily operations include commitment to global environment protection through innovative programs such as partnering with ethical organizations like Banner Theory.”

“Eco-conscious businesses such as XL Digital play an important role in maintaining a sustainable world,” said Lisa Walter, Founder of Banner Theory. “I launched Banner Theory five years ago with the goal in mind to save discarded vinyl or billboard material from ending up in a landfill. I wanted to create a business where I was able to pay employees’ wages in a sustainable way while helping the environment.”

Banner Theory produces earth-friendly products deriving from recycled goods. The donated materials from local companies allow for ethical supply and production of our repurposed items while simultaneously supporting the community. The material donated from XL Digital is currently being used to create promotional gift items for a local advertising agency.

About XL Digital

XL Digital Imaging, LLC is a Dallas-based provider of grand format printing for advertising agencies, sports teams, wholesalers and trade shows. Employees are dedicated to going above and beyond when it comes to project completion, client support and much more. The award-winning company continues to grow in their printing efforts and green initiatives. For more information, visit http://xldigital.com.

Working with XL Digital is a seamless and efficient experience in all the best ways. It’s as though I have a large format printer as part of our company - I send the work, the work gets done to perfection and is delivered, usually well ahead of the deadline. I’ve never considered a vendor to be irreplaceable but these folks are exactly that.

– Chris Love
Austin, TX | Advertising Agency

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