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XL Digital Imaging, LLC uses state-of-the-art equipment to complete printing projects of any size. Whether you need floor graphics, billboards, in-store graphics, or any other digital printing project, our staff is highly trained in using all of these tools to create exactly what you want. The equipment at our disposal includes:

equip_VUTEk_GS_3250_FLATBED VUTEk GS 3250 Flatbed

  • 10’ 6” wide, up to 1200dpi
  • 9 colors including white ink
  • Ridigit substrates up to 2” thick
  • PVC’s, Wood, Metal, Plexi, Ceramic, Cardboard
  • Foam Core, Gator Board, Coroplast
  • Roll to Roll capabilities
  • Vinyl, PSA, Fabric, Carpet, POP
  • Paper products

equip_Evo33 Evo33 Dye Sublimation Printer

  • 10’ 6” wide, up to 1200dpi
  • Environment friendly
  • AquaSub33 water-based dye sublimation inks
  • Fabric printing
  • Banners, Banner Stands, Backlit, Flags, Feather Banners
  • Stage backdrops
  • SEG applications

equip_MontiAntonio Monti Antonio

Transfer printing traditionally produces the richest colors and sharpest graphics. Through the dye sublimation process, heat and pressure change solid dye particles from a printed piece into gas. The gas is then separated from the carrier and permanently bonded into a synthetic fabric, leaving only vibrant, dyed colors behind. When transfer printing, the dye is contained in a carrier liquid within the transfer paper. When the sublimation process occurs, only the dye is transferred to the textile, leaving the purest and most vibrant colors. No further steps need to be taken following the sublimation process.

GS5000R – 8 COLOR GS5000R – 8 Color

  • Eight-color plus white capability
  • Produces life-like skin tones and smooth gradients
  • High Definition POP quality up to 1000 dpi output
  • Advanced three-layering white ink capability for high-impact
  • Crisp four-point text

VUTEk 5330 - 4 COLOR VUTEk 5330 – 4 Color

  • 16’6″ wide up, to 660 dpi
  • Vinyl Billboards, Mesh, Carpet
  • Banners, PSA


  • 16’6″ high-speed vinyl
  • High-end billboard printer
  • Vinyl, Transil, PSA, Paper, Eco vinyl

COLEX 60 COLEX 60″X120″ Router

  • Able to cut through Metals, Wood, Gator, Vinyl, PSA, Paper Products, PVC’s, Plexi or Acrylic products
  • Die Cut to shape or Kiss Cut

Seal Liquid Laminating Equipment Seal Liquid Laminator

  • 64″ wide fleet graphic


Seal Film Laminating Equipment Seal Film Laminator

  • 60″ wide hot/cold lm
  • Lamination

XL Digital is truly
one of those rare companies. They partner with us in achieving high quality and time sensitive materials. They are a valuable partner in our day to day business valuable partner in our day to day business.

– Jack P
National Exhibit &
Decorating Company.

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