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XL Digital Imaging’s History: A Big Vision

The turn of the millennium was a momentous time. Just as the world was about to enter a new era, so was grand format digital printing. XL Digital Imaging, LLC opened its doors in 2002 with big plans for the future, and even bigger plans for delivering superior quality, high-performance products such as building wraps and billboards. Now, here we are entering our second decade. We’ve nearly tripled in size and our client base has expanded even beyond our expectations. We’ve accomplished more for clients than our original plan. And the future? Well… it’s looking pretty grand.

history of XL Digital

XL Digital is truly
one of those rare companies. They partner with us in achieving high quality and time sensitive materials. They are a valuable partner in our day to day business valuable partner in our day to day business.

– Jack P
National Exhibit &
Decorating Company.

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