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No matter how impossibly large your printing challenge, XL Digital Imaging makes it possible. From ideas that have never been completed before, to projects that other printers say can’t be done, we make it happen. We specialize in creating effective billboards, banners, building wraps and much more – even under intense deadlines.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out these case studies and see for yourself why companies big, small, and every size in-between rely on us as their grand format partner.

Super Bowl Champions »

An unexpected play by Mother Nature shut down air and ground transit into the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Graphic elements that were en route and intended to line the inside of the mammoth new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas were halted, sidelined by freezing temperatures, icy roads and treacherous temperatures.

With the biggest game of the NFL season only days away, Super Bowl XLVI promoters had just three days to get the graphics reprinted, finished, delivered and mounted — a project that had taken several weeks just to print. It was third and goal in the 4th quarter and they needed a gamechanger. That’s when they called XL Digital Imaging, LLC.

With completed graphics stuck in airports and trucking terminals, blocked from getting to Texas by ice and snow, the XL Digital Imaging, LLC team had to create the graphics from scratch. A small team of six players quickly assembled, braving the elements to get to the production facility and go to work. The gameplan was to retrieve and build the digital files, then print, finish and deliver the massive, multi-week project to the installers with enough time for them to actually get the mega-graphics up on display.

Score! In less than 48 hours from when the project kicked off, the XL Digital Imaging team of MVPs produced, finished, and delivered more than 20,000 square feet of graphics. This is one Super Bowl team that brought their “A” game.

Service on a Grand Scale »

A leading hotel chain needed several large fabric backdrops that could be used in multiple trade shows and, like their service, needed to appear seamless. This sounds easy until you realize that there is no fabric wide enough to make these types of panels without a seam. Also, seven of them were supersized, requiring multiple fabric panels for each backdrop. What did they do? Called XL Digital Imaging, LLC.

In order to make each of the client’s supersized 24’ x 52’ fabric backdrops look flawless, each backdrop had to be made up of four 24’ x 13’ vertical panels, that were printed and assembled into a single backdrop using XL Digital Imaging’s proprietary fabric-seaming technique. Utilizing over 20,000 square feet of fabric, the team assembled 7 supersized backdrops, and a host of smaller ones, flawlessly.

The client attended multiple trade shows, checking in and out of each venue with no defects or malfunctions and greeting their trade show guests as flawlessly as their hotel guests.

Answering the Call »

The client needs a grand mesh banner for the opening and halftime of a major soccer game, in double time. It’s Friday afternoon at 1:30, the regular printer is unavailable (it is Friday) and game time is at 8:00 p.m. — that same night. Adding to the challenge, the banner is round. That’s when the client called XL Digital Imaging, LLC.

Realizing the importance of this particular banner, both the sponsor and the XL Digital Imaging team quickly went into action. The four-man team printed in panes 13’ x 65’, cutting each panel as it was printed so finishing could be done simultaneously. The panels were trimmed and RF welded together and sewn in a perfect arc. The total project was printed and completed in an amazing five hours.

To ensure on-time delivery, XL Digital Imaging owner, Raj Persad, loaded the finished banner in his car and personally delivered it, arriving in plenty of time. The team and sponsor had a perfect display at game time and halftime, and XL Digital Imaging scored a perfect display of teamwork.

XL Digital has been doing a fantastic job for us for years. Great quality, great pricing and always on time. They are a joy to work with.

– Bob D
New York Design House

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